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North Sea fish

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Small and large fish from the North Sea

We can obtain a very versatile range of fresh North Sea fish from our own beautiful North Sea. From sole to plaice and from halibut to red mullet, the Netherlands is a real fishing country! From the North Sea to the fish trade, Adri & Zoon takes care of it. Don't forget to take a look at the Adri & Zoon online store. Because with us you will find the best fish from the North Sea!

North Sea fish on your plate

One of the most popular North Sea fish species is the North Sea sole. This saltwater flatfish ranks in the top three most consumed fish in both Belgium and the Netherlands. You will only find the most beautiful sole at Adri & Zoon. Also we supply a wide range of North Sea fish such as brill, plaice, turbot and lemon sole. But ray, zander and monkfish are also available in our wide North Sea range.

Import and export

The horse mackerel is a popular North Sea fish for the Southern European market. This also applies to the squid, octopus and cuttlefish from the North Sea. As a supplier of fish, crustaceans and shellfish, we are responsible for the import and export of beautiful fish all over the world. From whiting to wild sea bass. You can find it all in our webshop !

Sustainable fish from the North Sea

As a real family business, at Adri & Zoon we are all united in the same endeavor. Sustainability in fishing is an important issue for us. We are committed to responsible fishing for the future. The quality of our fish, crustaceans and shellfish meets our own strict requirements and those of various sustainability labels. A number of our products bear the MSC label, found on all fish products that come from sustainable fisheries. Other products are covered by the ASC quality mark, which indicates that crustaceans and shellfish have been grown in a responsible manner.

Fresh North Sea fish

At Adri & Zoon we are working on effectively reducing food waste. We do this by improving product quality. From the source, during the catch, during production and of course also during packaging. We aim for less loss at the customer's end, but also the reduction of microbial degradation. Our fresh North Sea fish is therefore always of the highest quality.

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